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Reference FCO 7/1426
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Secretary of State's visit to US: includes briefs and record of discussions (1969)
Description Exchange of views on British Honduras/Guatemala between Secretary of State William P. Rogers and Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary of State, Michael Stewart. Discussion between Rogers and Mr. Andrei Gromyko on the Middle East and peace. Discussion of how SALT is progressing with the Soviet Union. Rhodesia. British Honduras pressing for independence and a defence guarantee from the UK. Relations of the Oil Consortium with Iran and the BP / Sohio merger. European Economic community and Britain's application to enter the Common Market. Greece and withdrawal from the Council of Europe and a possible weakening link with NATO. Nigeria and President Julius Nyerere and the reported deaths of over 2 million. Record of a conversation between the Foregin and Commonwealth secretary Michael Stewart and President Richard Nixon on the Middle East, Israel and the Arabs looking to the Soviet Union and plans of resuming the Four Powers talks. Discussion about the Prime Minister Harold Wilson's visit to Washington before going to Moscow. Secretary of State's visit to New York and discussions with William P. Rogers with talks on the Middle East, Libya, European Policy, SALT, the closure of the US Consulate General in Salisbury, British Honduras, Greece and Centrifuge. The Secretary of State also sought Rogers' views on East/West relations, Rhodesia, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Nigeria, BP/Sohio Merger, Arms supplies to the Middle East, President Nixon's proposals for NATO, Union of Arab Emirates. Biography of William P. Rogers included. EEC.
Date 1969
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries Greece, Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, Nigeria, Vietnam, Soviet Union, United States, Belize, Zimbabwe, United Arab Emirates
Places Abu Dhabi; Africa; Asia; Belgium; Belize; Britain; Canada; Caribbean; China; Cyprus; Europe; Falkland Islands; France; Geneva; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Guatemala; Guyana; Honduras; Iran; Ireland; Israel; Laos; Libya; Mexico; Middle East; Nigeria; Northern Ireland; Rhodesia; Russia; South Africa; South East Asia; Soviet Union; Union of Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Freeman, John; Greenhill, Sir Denis; Richardson, Elliot; Sisco, Joseph; Stewart, Michael; Thant, U; Willmott, R H; Yost, Charles W.
Topics Arab; Arms; Chemical and Biological Warfare; Council of Europe; Defence; Department of State; Disarmament; Draft; East-West relations; Elections; Environment; European Economic Community; European Security; foreign policy; Great Powers; Japanese; Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV); North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Oil; organisation; Race; Refugees; Socialism; State Department; Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties; The Nine; Treasury; United Nations; Warsaw Pact; White House; withdrawal
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