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Reference FCO 82/416
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Internal political situation in USA (Watergate) (1974)
Description Report on Detroit and the worsening situation in the automobile industry. Reports from Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Florida and Pennsylvania on elections. The nomination of Governor Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President. Governor Rockefeller in front of the Senate Rules Committee. Senate Rules Committee receiving a great deal of mail hostile to the nomination organised by right wing and anti-abortionist groups. Attention focused on Rockefeller's wealth, the extent of his financial holdings and the possible conflicts of interest which could arise should he become Vice President. Rockefeller had made substantial gifts, most prominently being $50,000 to Henry Kissinger. Senator Walter Mondale drops out of the race for the 1976 Democratic Presidential nomination which along with Senator Kennedy deprives the liberal end of the Democratic spectrum of its two foremost presidential candidates. Profile of Congressman Morris Udall who seeks the Democratic Presidential nomination.
Date 1974
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries United States
Places Africa; Britain; Chile; China; Cuba; Cyprus; Europe; Greece; Ireland; Mexico; Middle East; Northern Ireland; South Africa; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Agnew, Spiro; Albert, Carl; Ash, Roy; Askew, Reubin; Bentsen, Lloyd D; Butz, Earl L; Callaghan, James; Connally, John B; Dean, John W III; Ehrlichman, John D; Ford, Gerald; Fox, Roy; Goodell, Charles; Haldeman, H R; Hays, Wayne; Humphrey, Hubert; Johnson, Lyndon Baines; Kennedy, Edward Moore; Kennedy, Robert F; Kissinger, Henry; Laird, Melvin R; McCarthy, Eugene J; McCormack, John William; McGovern, George; Mills, Wilbur; Mondale, Walter (Fritz); Morton, Rogers; Richardson, Elliot; Rockefeller, Nelson; Romney, George; Rumsfeld, Donald; Russell, Mark; Scott, Hugh; Shultz, George; Symington, James; Timmons, William; Udall, Morris; Wallace, George
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arms; British Embassy; British-American Parliamentary Group; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency); Congress; Congressional Relations; Council on International Economic Policy; Crime; Defence; Democratic Party; Demonstrations; Department of State; Detente; Draft; Drugs; Economic policy; Economy; Elections; Energy; Environment; Exports; Federal Reserve; foreign policy; General Motors; Gubernatorial; Health; Impeachment; Inflation; International Economic Affairs; International Economic Policy; Mid-Term elections; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Office of Management and Budget; Oil; organisation; Pentagon; Pollution; Race; Recession; Republican Party; Senatorial; Special Representative of Trade Negotiations; Strikes; Supreme Court; Taxation; Taxes; The Nine; Trade; Treasury; Unemployment; United Nations National Security Council; Vice President; Watergate; Welfare; White House; wire-tapping; withdrawal
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