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Reference FCO 7/1477
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Internal Politics in Argentina (1970)
Description Political developments and policies in Argentina 2 March 1970 - 24 December 1970. Press comment on Arrest of Brigadier Ricardo Salas (Chief of Staff Joint Command of the Armed Forces). Press comment on kidnapping and murder of General Aramburu. Opposition groups in Argentina. Desire for complete return to democratic government. President Levingston's nationwide radio and TV address 4 December 1970. Report by British Ambassador in Buenos Aires on the political situation in Argentina. Analysis of President Levingston's plans and policies in Argentina. New Ministerial opportunities in Argentina. Policies of Aldo Ferrer, Minister of Economy and Labour, and economic situation in Argentina. Brief biographical details on new Cabinet Ministers and other appoinments. Trade Unions in Argentina. Resignation of Dr Carlos Alberto Moyano Llerena and his replacement by Aldo Ferrer as Minister of Economy and Labour, 14 October 1970. Press comments on the Livingston administration in Argentina. Removal of President Juan Carlos Ongania on 2 June 1970. Report from the Bank of London and South America Ltd on the Ongania military dictatorship. Other documents on the Ongania regime. Attempted kidnapping of a Soviet diplomat in Buenos Aires on 29 March 1970. Péron.
Date 1970
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region South America
Countries Argentina, Soviet Union, United Kingdom
Places Argentina; Bolivia; Chile; Falkland Islands; Italy; Latin America; Paraguay; Peru; Soviet Union; Spain; United Kingdom; United States of America
People Allende, Salvador; Aramburu, Pedro Eugenio; Bolton, Sir George; Castro, Fidel; Douglas-Home, Sir Alec; Ferrer, Aldo; Levingston, Roberto Marcelo; Ongania, Juan Carlos; Pardo, De Pablo; Salas, Ricardo
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arms; Bank of England; British Embassy; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency); Communist; Congress; Conservation; Crime; Defence; Demonstrations; Department of State; Draft; Economic policy; Economy; Education; Elections; Energy; Exports; foreign policy; Health; Inflation; International Monetary Fund; Irish Republican Army (IRA); Kidnapping; Labour Party; Ministry of Defence; organisation; Pacification; Price controls; Protectionist; Strikes; Tariffs; Terrorism; The Nine; Trade; Trade unions; Treasury; troops; Unemployment; United Nations; United Nations National Security Council; Wages; Welfare
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