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Reference FCO 7/1846
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Briefs for visit of National War College to United Kingdom (1970)
Description The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has agreed to talk about British Foreign Policy to a group of students and Instructors from the US Industrial College of the Armed Forces. The Secretary of State for Defence will address the group on British Defence Policy. Background information is provided on the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Speaking notes are provided for the visit which explains how the UK sees the current world situation and also a detailed account of UK defence policies. It looks at three main issues: European integration, East-West relations and UK military withdrawal from East of Suez as well as the Anglo-American relationship and the UK's role in the world as a European power. Background notes on the Middle East and the Situation in the area, British policy and the Four Power Talks, Refugees, Arms limitation, Arms supply, and contact with the US. Background notes on the British view of East-West relations and the following negotiations taking place between the US and the USSR via SALT, Herr Brandt's meeting with Herr Stoph and Herr Brandt's Government's talks with the Soviet Union and Poland about non-use of force and frontier issues and the Quadripartite talks initiated by the Three Power on Berlin. Notes on the Warsaw Pact proposal for a conference and participation in the conference and the Finnish Initiatives, Mutual and balanced force reduction (MBFR), US force withdrawals. Background notes for Lord Chalfont's talk to students of the US National War College and Mr Thomson's talk to students of the US Industrial College of the Armed Forces on East of Suez: South East Asia, Aid to Singapore and Malaysia, Anglo-Malaysian Defence Agreement (AMDA), Five Power talks, Bersatu Padu, SEATO and Hong Kong. Speaking notes on the Persian Gulf, Union of Arab Emirates (UAE). Background notes on China, Chinese Foreign policy, Sino-Soviet Relations, Sino-American relations, China and South East Asia, Chinese Satellite launching, China and the UN. Background notes on Rhodesia and the current UK position and general policy. Secretary of State's attributable press conference with Four Power Journalists on Bersatu Padu. Catalogue for the Industrial College of the Armed Forces 1969-1970. Notes for Visit of Students of the US Industrial college of the armed forces on US troop withdrawals in Vietnam and Vietnamization, HMG's attitude to US actions in Cambodia, American prisoners of war in Vietnam, British flag shipping to North Vietnam, UK trade with North Vietnam, the UK decision not participate militarily in Vietnam, HM Consulate-General in Hanoi,
Date 1970
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region Europe
Countries United Kingdom, United States, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Soviet Union, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates
Places Africa; Algiers; Asia; Australia; Britain; Cambodia; Canada; China; Cuba; East of Suez; Eastern Europe; Europe; France; Geneva; Germany; Hanoi; Hungary; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Japan; Jordan; Korea; Kuwait; Laos; Latin America; Lebanon; Mexico; Middle East; New Zealand; Northern Ireland; Persian Gulf; Poland; Rhodesia; South Africa; South East Asia; South Vietnam; Southern Africa; Soviet Union; Thailand; Union of Arab Emirates; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Brezhnev, Leonid; Brown, George; Kosygin, Alexey; Mao Zedong; Nol, Lon; Thant, U
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arab; Arms; Bersatu Padu; British Defence Policy; British Foreign Policy; Common Market; Communist; Conference on European Security (CES); Council of Europe; Dairy products; Defence; Department of Defense; Department of State; Detente; Draft; East-West relations; Economic policy; Economy; Education; Environment; European integration; European Security; Exports; foreign policy; International Economic Relations; Japanese; Ministry of Defence; Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR); North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Oil; organisation; Ostpolitik; Pentagon; Pollution; Quadripartite talks; Refugees; Shipping; State Department; Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties; Supreme Court; The Nine; Trade; Trade policy; troops; United Nations; Vice President; Warsaw Pact; Western European Union; withdrawal
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