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Reference FCO 82/484
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title US diplomatic representation in UK, including 'First Report from the Expenditure Committee, Session 1973-74' together with part of the 'Minutes of Evidence taken before the Defence and External Affairs Sub-Committee, 5, 8 and 16 March, 10 April and 10 July 1973 in Session 1972-73 and Appendices' (1974)
Description Includes "First Report from the Expenditure Committee Together with part of the minutes of evidence taken before the Defence and External Affairs sub-committee Session 1973-74 Accommodation and Staffing in Ottawa and Washington" whose contents include a reports on Staffing in Ottawa and other Canadian Posts, Washington and other US posts, information services, trade development, British Defence Staff (Washington) and accommodation. Report from the Consular Conference, an annual gathering of all the Heads of Posts throughout the US in which the main object of the Conference is to examine the working of the UK's whole representation in the US, both Embassy and outposts, on both the input (intelligence and reporting) and on the output (diplomacy, trade promotion, influencing US opinion) sides.
Date 1974
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America, Europe
Countries United States, United Kingdom
Places Abu Dhabi; Africa; Alaska; Australia; Britain; Canada; Caribbean; China; Cyprus; Eastern Europe; Europe; France; Germany; Gibraltar; Guatemala; Ireland; Japan; Kuwait; Libya; Lima; Malta; Mexico; Middle East; New Zealand; Northern Ireland; Panama; Spain; Uganda; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Barr, D G; Brezhnev, Leonid; Cromer, 3rd Earl of; Greenhill, Sir Denis; Howe, Geoffrey; Hyslop, J T; Maitland, Donald; Overton, Hugh; Ramsbotham, Sir Peter
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Armed services; Arms; Balance of Payments; British Embassy; British Foreign Policy; Committee to Re-elect the President (CREEP); Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); Concorde; Congress; Congressional Relations; Conservation; Crime; Defence; Department of State; Detente; Draft; East-West relations; Economy; Education; Elections; Energy; Environment; Exports; Federal Reserve; foreign policy; Great Powers; Health; Hijacking; Inflation; Japanese; Ministry of Defence; Nimrod; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Oil; organisation; Payments; Pentagon; Plumbers; Pollution; Race; Recession; Shipping; Socialism; State Department; Strikes; Tariffs; Taxation; Taxes; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; Trade policy; Treasury; troops; Unemployment; United Nations; United States Navy; Vice President; Vietnam War; Wages; Warsaw Pact; Welfare; withdrawal; Year of Europe
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