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Reference FCO 7/1837
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Report for Cabinet on Mr Heath's visit to Ottawa and Washington (1970)
Description Text of News conference given by the Edward Heath, Prime Minister of Great Britain in which Heath was questioned on rioting in Poland and East/West detente in Europe, the possibility of a joint Anglo-American fleet in the Indian Ocean, joint US-UK peacekeeping forces in the Middle East, arms to South Africa, Soviet negotiating over Berlin, Moscow Foreign Treaty, the Warsaw Foreign Treaty, the SALT talks, the Middle East problem, Soviet submarines in Cuba, the Middle East peace talks and the role of the Four Power in guaranteeing peace, possible problems between the US and the UK as the UK becomes more integrated into the European Community, the Five Powers defence arrangement in the Far East, how much damage to UK trade the current US Trade Bill will do, the Persian Gulf, defence of South East Asia. Parliamentary questions and notes for supplementaries on South Africa, Discussions with the Commonwealth, Arms, legal obligations under Simonstown Agreement, Rhodesia, the Commonwealth Conference, UK entry to the EEC and the Canadian and US attitude, British agricultural policy, US trade policies and protectionism, NATO, East-West relations, Ostpolitik and Berlin, SALT, Sale of British computers to the Soviet Union, the Indian Ocean and Diego Garcia, Indo-China, US bombing of North Vietnam, US withdrawal, Chinese representation in the UN, Arab/Israel dispute and Aid policies.
Date 1970
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries China, Cuba, Israel, Poland, South Africa, Vietnam, United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, India
Places Africa; Asia; Australia; Belgium; Britain; Bulgaria; Canada; Caribbean; Chequers; China; Cuba; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; Diego Garcia; Eastern Europe; Europe; France; Germany; Greece; Hanoi; Hungary; Iceland; Indonesia; Ireland; Irish Republic; Israel; Italy; Japan; Jordan; Latin America; Malawi; Mediterranean; Mexico; Middle East; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Persian Gulf; Poland; Rhodesia; Romania; Russia; South Africa; South East Asia; South Vietnam; Southern Africa; Soviet Union; Spain; Suez Canal; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam; Yugoslavia
People Brandt, Willy; Douglas-Home, Sir Alec; Freeman, John; Greenhill, Sir Denis; Heath, Edward; Kennedy, David Matthew; Kissinger, Henry; Kosygin, Alexey; McNamara, Robert S; Mills, Wilbur; Sharp, Mitchell; Volcker, Paul; Williams, Shirley; Wilson, Harold
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arab; Arms; Balance of Payments; Bank of England; British Embassy; British Foreign Policy; Census; Coal; Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); Common Market; Communist; Concorde; Congress; Conservation; Council of Europe; Crime; Dairy products; Defence; Demonstrations; Department of State; Detente; Draft; Drugs; East-West relations; Economic policy; Economy; Education; Energy; Environment; European Economic Community; European integration; European Security; Exports; foreign policy; Free trade; Health; Inflation; Irish Republican Army (IRA); Japanese; Kidnapping; Labour Party; Levies; Ministry of Defence; Moscow Foreign Treaty; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Oil; organisation; Ostpolitik; Paris Peace Talks; Payments; Pollution; Poverty; Protectionism; Protectionist; Race; Shipping; State Department; Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties; Strikes; Tariffs; Taxation; Taxes; Textiles; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; Trade policy; Trade unions; Treasury; Troop withdrawal; troops; Unemployment; United Nations; Wages; Warsaw Foreign Treaty; Welfare; Western European Union; White House; withdrawal
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