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Reference FCO 82/283
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Political relations between the USA and Europe (1973)
Description Dr Kissinger's New York speech which purports to represent a logical and inevitable development of the Nixon Doctrine to its next stage in which it expounds an overall political concept of US/Europe relations, in all their aspects, which provide a philosophical basis for the Trade Reform Bill, US complaints against the EEC, and the Administration's position on monetary reform, Defence, and East-West relations. Report on President Richard Nixon's position and his government, relations with Congress, Watergate, Domestic Economic policy and relations with Labour, Agriculture policy, US Foreign Policy, Trade policy and European Defence. Included is a document titled "Assembly of Western European Union - Nineteenth Ordinary Session (First Part) - Evolution of relations between Europe and the United States". The documents includes the following contents: Draft recommendation on the evolution of relations between Europe and the United States; Explanatory Memorandum on recent developments in relations between Europe and the United State; Foreign policy questions; Monetary questions; Trade problems; United States debts; United States balance of payments; European investments in the United States; Value of the dollar in relation to other currencies.
Date 1973
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America, Europe
Countries United States
Places Africa; Asia; Belgium; Brazil; Britain; Cambodia; Canada; China; Cuba; Eastern Europe; Europe; France; Geneva; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Korea; Laos; Latin America; Malta; Mediterranean; Middle East; Netherlands; Rhodesia; Russia; South Africa; South East Asia; Soviet Union; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam; Western Hemisphere; Yugoslavia
People Brandt, Willy; Connally, John B; Cromer, 3rd Earl of; Drower, Bill; Greenhill, Sir Denis; Heath, Edward; Howe, Geoffrey; Kissinger, Henry; Mansfield, Mike; Mills, Wilbur; Rippon, Geoffrey
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arab; Arms; Balance of Payments; British Embassy; Committee of Twenty; Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); Common Market; Communist; Concorde; Conference on European Security (CES); Congress; Defence; Demonstrations; Department of State; Detente; Draft; East-West relations; Economic policy; Economy; Elections; Energy; Environment; European Economic Community; European integration; European Security; Exports; foreign policy; Free trade; Great Powers; Group of Ten; Health; Inflation; International Monetary Fund; Irish Republican Army (IRA); Japanese; Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR); Nixon Doctrine; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Nuclear Weapons; Oil; organisation; Ostpolitik; Payments; Poverty; Protectionism; Protectionist; Race; Republican Party; State Department; Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties; Strikes; Tariffs; Taxation; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; Trade policy; Trade Reform Bill; Treasury; troops; Unemployment; United Nations; United Nations National Security Council; Vietnam War; Wages; Warsaw Pact; Watergate; Western European Union; White House; withdrawal; Year of Europe
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