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Reference FCO 82/268
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Internal political situation in the USA (Watergate) (1973)
Description Reports on the US administration and the latest staff changes and appointments. Those who have been removed include Richard G Kleindienst Attorney General, H R Haldeman White House Chief of Staff, John D Ehrlichman Top domestic adviser to the President, John Dean III Legal counsel to the President, L Patrick Gray III Acting Director of the FBI, Jeb Stuart Magruder Assistant Secretary of Commerce. Those who are in are General Alexander M Haig Jr, Elliot L Richardson, William D Ruckelshaus, Leonard Garment, James Schlesinger, William Colby, John Connally and Buzhardt. Report on the Bilderberg Conference of which the US participants had the unanimous view that President would eventually be compelled to resign as well as discussion with the Swedish Prime Minister who spoke about the UK's dispute with Iceland. Report on the use of the FBI to investigate leaks as far back as 1969 in relation to the Watergate scandal which has been left to Elliot Richardson as Attorney-General to make sense of. A report is included on Richardson's past and prospects. James Schlesinger was appointed to the position of Secretary of Defence. William Colby took Schlesinger's place as Director of CIA. General Alexander Haig is brought back to the White House as Chief of the White House Staff.
Date 1973
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries United States
Places Alaska; Asia; Britain; Cambodia; Canada; Ceylon; Chequers; China; Cuba; Europe; Geneva; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Laos; Middle East; South Vietnam; Soviet Union; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Anderson, John B; Askew, Reubin; Colby, William; Connally, John B; Cooper, Charles; Cromer, 3rd Earl of; Dean, John W III; Ehrlichman, John D; Garment, Leonard; Gray, L Patrick III; Greenhill, Sir Denis; Haig, Alexander; Kalmbach, Herbert; Kennedy, David Matthew; Kennedy, Edward Moore; Kissinger, Henry; Kleindienst, Richard G; Mitchell, John; Overton, Hugh; Richardson, Elliot; Rumsfeld, Donald; Schlesinger, James; Sirica, John Joseph; Stans, Maurice; Wallace, George; Wiggin, Charles D; Zinchuk, Alexander
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arms; Atomic Energy Commission; Balance of Payments; British Embassy; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency); Civil rights; Congress; Council on International Economic Policy; Crime; Dairy products; Defence; Democratic Party; Department of Defense; Department of State; Detente; East-West relations; Economic policy; Economy; Education; Elections; Energy; Environmental Protection Agency; Exports; FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation); foreign policy; Gubernatorial; Health; Impeachment; Inflation; International Economic Affairs; International Economic Policy; Japanese; Legal counsel to the President; Ministry of Defence; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Oil; organisation; Payments; Pentagon; Pentagon Papers; Pollution; Protectionist; Race; Recession; Republican Party; Senatorial; State Department; Strikes; Supreme Court; Tariffs; Taxation; Taxes; Textiles; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; Treasury; Unemployment; United Nations National Security Council; Vice President; Wages; Watergate; Welfare; White House; Year of Europe
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