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Reference FO 371/99392
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Japanese Communist Party; campaign of violence and sabotage, against communications, police and occupation installations. Code FJ file 1016 (papers 1 to 17)
Date 1952
Collection Foreign Office files for Japan, 1946-1952
Region East Asia
Countries Japan; united Kingdom; Russia; China; United States
Places Australia; Austria; Beijing; Belgium; Berlin; Brazil; Burma; Changchun; Chile; China; Czechoslovakia; Dalian; East Asia; France; Germany; Guangzhou; Hawaii; Hefei; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Iran; Italy; Japan; Kaohsiung; Kenya; Kobe; Korea; Kure; Kuril Islands; Kyoto; London; Malaya; Manchukuo; Manchuria; Manila; Mongolia; Moscow; Mukden; Nagasaki; Nagoya; Osaka; Philippines; Poland; Seoul; Shanghai; Shenyang; Singapore; South Africa; Soviet Union; Spain; Sweden; Taipei; Taiwan; Thailand; Tokyo; United Kingdom; United States; Vietnam; Washington; Yalta; Yili; Yokohama; Zhenjiang
People Barkley, Alben W; Butler, Richard Austen; Churchill, Winston; de la Mare, Arthur; Dening, Esler; Dulles, John Foster; Guo Moruo; Hilter, Adolf; Ishibashi, Tanzan; Mao Zedong; Matsuoka, Komakichi; Nehru, Jawaharlal; Peng Teh-huai; Pilcher, John A; Stalin, Joseph; Tanzan, Ishibashi; Trench-Gascoigne, Alvary Douglas Frederick; Truman, Harry S; Yoshida, Shigeru
Topics People's Daily (newspaper); agrarian reform; agriculture; aid; aircraft; Allies; ambassador; ammunition; armed forces; arrest; assassination; atrocities; automobiles; blockade; bomb; bonds; broadcast; business; celebrations; Central People's Government; Chinese Communist Party; Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang); civil disturbances; coal; Cold War; Cominform; commodities; communications; communism; compensation; conference; consulate; cotton; counter-revolutionary; crime; culture; currency; customs; debt; defence; demilitarisation; democracy; deportation; disarmament; disease; Domei; drugs; economy; education; elections; electoral law; embargo; embassy; employment; espionage; execution; explosives; festival; finance; financial aid; fish; fishing; flooding; gas; guns; Health; hospitals; housing; human rights; Imperial Rule Assistance Association; imperialist; import; independence; industry; intelligence; Inter Allied Repatriation Agency; International Confederation of Free Trade Unions; invasion; investment; iron; Japanese Government; Japanese yen; judicial system; Korean War; Koreans; labour; land reform; lead; literature; local administration; media; memorial; migration; military; military law; military occupation; mining; Minister of Education; Minister of Finance; Ministry of Information; minorities; mobilisation; National Mobilization Law; nationalism; navy; neutrality; oil; peace conference; peace treaty; peasants; People's Liberation Army; People's Republic of China; police; Politburo; population; Potsdam Declaration; poverty; power plant; press; Prime Minister; prison; production; propaganda; prostitution; protest; radio; railway; rearmament; recognition; religion; repatriation; repression; resistance; revolt; revolution; rice; riots; royalty; Secretary of State; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; ships; silk; smuggling; socialism; state of emergency; steel; strikes; surrender; tank; taxation; tea; technology; telegraphs; terrorism; textiles; tin; trade; trade unions; trafficking; training; treaties; uniform; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; United Kingdom Liaison Mission; United Nations; uranium; war; war crimes; war supplies; water; weapons; women; Yalta Conference
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