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Reference FO 371/63734
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Orders from the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to the Japanese Government. Code 23 File 116 (papers 14236-end)
Date 1947
Collection Foreign Office files for Japan, 1946-1952
Region East Asia
Countries Japan
Places Australia; Brunei; Burma; Canada; China; Columbia; Egypt; France; Guangzhou; Hawaii; Hong Kong; India; Japan; Kenya; Kobe; Korea; Kure; Kyoto; London; Malaya; Manila; Mongolia; Nagasaki; Nagoya; Nauru; New Guinea; New Zealand; North Borneo; Osaka; Shanghai; South Africa; Sri Lanka; Tokyo; United Kingdom; United States; Washington; Yokohama; Zhenjiang
Topics agriculture; aid; aircraft; Allies; ambassador; armed forces; automobiles; Bank of Japan; banks; barter; British Commonwealth Occupation Force; broadcast; business; cavalry; commodities; communications; conference; copper; cotton; culture; currency; customs; defence; demilitarisation; dock; economy; embassy; employment; espionage; execution; exports; film; finance; financial aid; fish; fishing; flooding; gas; gold; guns; Health; hemp; housing; Imperial Rule Assistance Association; import; industry; Inter Allied Repatriation Agency; iron; Japanese Government; Japanese yen; Jewish; jute; lead; media; military; military law; military occupation; mining; Minister of Finance; Ministry of Defence; Ministry of Welfare; Mitsubishi Co., Ltd; National Mobilization Law; navigation; navy; nickel; oil; petroleum; platinum; police; post office; power plant; press; production; radio; railway; rayon yarn; religion; reparations; repatriation; resistance; rubber; Secretary of State; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; shipbuilding; shipping; ships; silk; steel; sterling; strikes; submarine; Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers; surrender; taxation; tea; technology; telegraphs; textiles; trade; uniform; United Kingdom Liaison Mission; United Nations; war; water; wool; zinc
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