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Reference FO 371/63726
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Orders from the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to the Japanese Government. Code 23 File 116 (to paper 943)
Date 1947
Collection Foreign Office files for Japan, 1946-1952
Region East Asia
Countries Japan
Places Anhui; Australia; Burma; Canada; China; Dalian; East Asia; Fujian; Fuzhou; Guandong; Guangdong; Guangxi; Henan; Hubei; Hunan; India; Ireland; Japan; Jehol; Jiangsu; Jiangxi; Kaohsiung; Kobe; Korea; Kwantung Leased Territory; Kyoto; Luzon; Macau|Macao; Malaya; Manchuria; Manila; Mongolia; Nagasaki; Nagoya; New Guinea; Osaka; Philippines; Saigon; Shaanxi; Shandong; Shanghai; Singapore; South Africa; Taiwan; Tokyo; United Kingdom; United States; Washington; Yalta; Yangtze River; Yokohama; Zhejiang; Zhenjiang
People Cooley, John B; Oshima, General; Yoshida, Shigeru
Topics agriculture; aid; aircraft; Allied Council; Allies; aluminium; ambassador; armed forces; arrest; automobiles; Axis; Bank of Japan; banks; barter; bonds; broadcast; business; chamber of commerce; coal; commodities; communications; communism; compensation; conference; consulate; cotton; crime; cruiser; currency; customs; disease; dock; economy; education; elections; embassy; employment; espionage; exports; famine; film; finance; financial aid; fish; fishing; flooding; food shortages; guns; Health; hospitals; housing; Imperial Rule Assistance Association; import; industry; iron; Japanese Government; Japanese yen; Koreans; Kyodo Party; lead; light metal; magnesium; media; military; military occupation; mining; Ministry of Defence; Ministry of Information; Ministry of Welfare; Mitsubishi Co., Ltd; navigation; navy; North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); oil; passengers; petroleum; police; population; power plant; press; prison; production; radio; railway; recognition; refugees; relief work; religion; reparations; repatriation; rice; royalty; rubber; Secretary of State; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; shipbuilding; shipping; ships; socialism; steel; strikes; Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers; surrender; tank; taxation; telegraphs; textiles; The Red Cross; trade; uniform; Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; United Nations; US Navy; war; war crimes; water; wheat; zaibatsu
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