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Reference FO 371/23558
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Details of this piece are shown at item level - 1939 [11]
Date 1939
Collection Foreign Office files for Japan, 1931-1945
Region East Asia
Countries Japan; Russia
Places Afghanistan; Australia; Beijing; Berlin; Brussels; China; Chongqing; Czechoslovakia; Dalian; Dutch East Indies; East Asia; France; Fuzhou; Germany; Guandong; Guangdong; Guangzhou; Haikou; Hainan; Hankou; Harbin; Hong Kong; India; Inner Mongolia; Iran; Italy; Japan; Jehol; Jiangxi; Jinan; Kaohsiung; Keelung; Kobe; Korea; Kwantung; Kwantung Leased Territory; London; Manchukuo; Manchuria; Mongolia; Moscow; Mukden; Nagoya; Nanjing; Netherlands; New York, United States; New Zealand; Osaka; Outer Mongolia; Pakistan; Poland; Portugal; Qiongshan; Seoul; Shandong; Shanghai; Shenyang; Singapore; Soviet Union; Spain; Sri Lanka; Sweden; Taiwan; Tianjin; Tokyo; Turkestan; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States; Wuhan; Xinjiang; Yangtze River; Yokohama; Zhenjiang
People Ashley Clarke, Henry; Cao Kun; Chang Tso-lin (Zhang Zuolin); Chiang Kai-shek; Craigie, Robert; Duang Qirui; Emperor Shōwa; Emperor Taishō; Hilter, Adolf; Hirohito; Hirota, Kōki; Howe, R G; Kennedy, John F; Konoe, Fumimaro; Macmillan, Harold; Matsuoka, Yōsuke; Molotov, Vyacheslav; Oshima, General; Sato, Naotake; Seeds, Sir William; Shigemitsu, Mamoru; Stalin, Joseph; Voroshilov, Kliment; Wolff, Otto; Wood, Edward; Yoshizawa, Kenkichi
Topics agriculture; aid; aircraft; ambassador; Anglo-Japanese relations; Anglo-United States relations; Anti-Comintern Pact; antimony; army; arrest; assassination; aviation; Axis; Bank of Japan; banks; Bill for Protection of Secrets; blockade; bonds; border disputes; British Empire; British firms; Buddhism; business; carbon black; cavalry; cession (of territory); Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang); Christianity; climate; coal; communications; communism; Communist International (Comintern); Communist Party; concession; conference; Confucianism; Confucius; consulate; copper; cost of living; cotton; crime; culture; currency; customs; debt; defence; destroyer; Domei; drugs; economy; education; electricity; embassy; employment; engineers; espionage; evacuation; execution; explosives; exports; film; finance; financial aid; fish; fishing; Five-Year Plan; flooding; gas; gold reserve; guns; Health; hospitals; Imperial Rule Assistance Association; imperialist; import; independence; industry; inflation; intelligence; interest rates; invasion; investment; iron; Japanese Government; Japanese yen; Japanese-Soviet relations; Jewish; judicial system; kidnapping; labour; lead; League of Nations; light metal; Lytton Report; magnesium; media; military; military law; military occupation; mining; Minister of Agriculture; Minister of Commerce; Minister of Education; Minister of Finance; Minister of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Welfare; minorities; Mitsubishi Co., Ltd; mobilisation; monarchy; murder; National Mobilization Law; navigation; navy; neutrality; Nichi Nichi; nickel; Nine-Power Treaty Conference; oil; peace talks; peace treaty; People's Liberation Army; petroleum; piracy; platinum; police; population; post office; press; Prime Minister; production; propaganda; protest; radio; RAF; railway; rayon yarn; recognition; relief work; remittance; resistance; revolution; rice; royalty; rubber; salaried class; salt; Secretary of State; Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; Shell Oil Company; shipping; ships; silk; Sino-Japanese War; Sino-Soviet relations; socialism; Soviet-German Pact; steel; sterling; stock exchange; strikes; submarine; sugar; tank; taxation; tea; telegraphs; textiles; tin; trade; training; treaties; uniform; war; water; weapons; wheat; women; wool; zinc
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