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Reference FO 262/1782
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title South Manchuria Railway
Date 1931
Collection Foreign Office files for Japan, 1931-1945; Foreign Office Files for China, 1930-1937
Region East Asia
Countries Japan; China
Places Andong; Beijing; Changchun; China; Dalian; France; Guandong; Guangdong; Harbin; Hawaii; Japan; Jilin; Korea; Kwantung; Kwantung Leased Territory; Kyoto; Manchuria; Mongolia; Moscow; Mukden; Nanjing; Osaka; Seoul; Shandong; Shanghai; Shenyang; Soviet Union; Taiwan; Tianjin; Tokyo; United Kingdom; United States; Xi'an; Yantai; Yingkou; Zhenjiang
People Chang Chun; Chang Tso-lin (Zhang Zuolin); Chiang Kai-shek; Lindley, Francis O; Matsuoka, Yōsuke; Shigemitsu, Mamoru; Tang Shaoyi; Uchida Kōsai; Wang Zhengting
Topics aircraft; ambassador; ammunition; army; arrest; banks; bonds; business; camouflage; Chinese Maritime Customs; Christianity; coal; communications; concession; conference; consulate; currency; customs; defence; deportation; education; embargo; embassy; engineers; exports; famine; financial aid; fish; fishing; gold reserve; Imperial Rule Assistance Association; imperialist; import; industry; investment; Japanese Government; Japanese yen; lead; League of Nations; local administration; media; military; mining; Ministry of Information; Ministry of Welfare; Mitsubishi Co., Ltd; navigation; oil; opium; Peking-Mukden railway; People's Liberation Army; press; Prime Minister; propaganda; protest; railway; revolution; rice; shipping; steel; strikes; taxation; tea; trade; training; treaties; uniform; United Nations; war; water; weapons
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