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Reference FCO 82/212
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Visit by Ian Gilmour, Minister of State for Defence, to North America, September (1973)
Description Included is an Outline Brief on the Canadian Forces Base Suffield. Brief on Canada: Internal and external relations including the domestic situation and the minority Liberal Government, Foreign policy and the Commonwealth Conference, the danger of Canada being isolated between the economic blocs of the US and EEC, Canada's relationship with the EEC. A survey of the armed forces of Canada is included along with their defence policy, surveillance of Canadian territory and coastlines; the protection of sovereignty, defence of the US in cooperation with US forces and fulfilments of NATO commitments. Brief on Defence sales for the Minister of State's visit to Canada and the US. Brief on US/Europe relations: US domestic scene, Watergate, the President and Congress, European defence, MBFR and US troops in Europe, Trade and the US Farm and Trade Bill, the domestic economy of the US, President Nixon's visit to Europe as a culmination of his "Year of Europe". Report on transatlantic relations and declarations of principles. Brief for the Minister of State's visit to North and South America on the re-organisation of allied air forces in the central region. Brief on the US/USSR agreement on prevention of nuclear war and Security of US nuclear weapons in the UK. Background information on CSCE, MBFR and SALT I & II.
Date 1973
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries United States, Canada
Places Abu Dhabi; Australia; Bahamas; Barbados; Belgium; Brazil; Britain; Cambodia; Canada; Caribbean; Cyprus; Diego Garcia; Eastern Europe; Ecuador; Europe; France; Geneva; Germany; Gibraltar; Grenada; Iceland; Iran; Ireland; Jamaica; Japan; Korea; Latin America; Libya; Lima; Malta; Netherlands; New Zealand; Peru; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Soviet Union; Spain; Thailand; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Brezhnev, Leonid; Cromer, 3rd Earl of; Kubisch, Jack; Mills, Wilbur; Overton, Hugh; Richardson, Elliot; Rush, Kenneth; Sharp, Mitchell
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Armed services; Arms; Atomic Energy Commission; Balance of Payments; British Embassy; Burden sharing; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency); Conference on European Security (CES); Congress; Defence; Democratic Party; Department of State; Disarmament; Draft; Economic policy; Economy; Energy; European Security; Exports; foreign policy; Health; Inflation; Lockheed; Ministry of Defence; Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV); Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR); Nimrod; Nixon Doctrine; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Nuclear Weapons; Office of Management and Budget; Oil; organisation; Payments; Pentagon; Pollution; Poverty; Price controls; Race; Shipping; State Department; Terrorism; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; troops; Unemployment; Vietnam War; Warsaw Pact; Watergate; Welfare; White House; withdrawal; Year of Europe
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