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Reference FCO 7/1809
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Comments on President Nixon's foreign policy statements; Foreign policy of the USA (1970)
Description Record of a conversation between the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Mr. William Galloway of the United States Embassy, London on Indo-China, the Middle East. Text of an address by Secretary of Defence Melvin R. Laid on Foreign relations and the Nixon Administration pursuit of peace through strong military assistance programme. US troop withdrawal in Vietnam and zero draft calls by 1973. US in transition from wartime economy to a peacetime economy. A goal of peace in south-East Asia, in the Middle East and everywhere. President Nixon has offered the elements of a just peace in Southeast Asia endorsed by the Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Cambodia, and the Kingdom of Laos. US have maintained military strength in the Mediterranean to keep the peace in the Middle East. Transcript of President Nixon's television interview in which he discusses Cambodian operations, negotiations with Hanoi in which the US have offered to withdrawal all of their forces if they withdraw theirs as well as negotiating cease fires and free elections yet Hanoi still insist on complete withdrawal of US forces and the throwing out of the government in South Vietnam, keeping US forces in Vietnam in order to win a just peace, a complete withdrawal according to Nixon will have a catastrophic effect on the US Transcript of Secretary of State William P. Rogers' news conference in which he answers question on military aid for Israel, the change in the military balance of power in the Middle East due to Soviet pilots flying in Egypt, Israel's troops in Arab territory, the impact of American troop withdrawal in Cambodia, the SEATO meeting and US wish for SEATO partners to take a more active part in the Indochinese war and the progress of SALT. Report on excerpts from Secretary of State Rogers' interview on NBC in which he discusses Vietnam, US Troop withdrawal, Vietnamization, negotiations with the Soviet Union over problems in Laos and SALT, US forces in Europe under NATO and MBFR. Peterson Report produced by the Presidential Task Force on International Development under the Chairmanship of Rudolph A. Peterson, President of the Bank of America in which Peterson attempts to impose a rational framework on rather confused sets of issues. Report on the Soviet Union's response to Nixon's Foreign Policy Report which has been uniformly hostile.
Date 1970
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Egypt, Soviet Union, Israel
Places Africa; Alaska; Argentina; Asia; Australia; Bolivia; Britain; Cambodia; Chile; China; Cuba; Czechoslovakia; East of Suez; Eastern Europe; Egypt; Europe; France; Geneva; Germany; Hanoi; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Jordan; Korea; Laos; Latin America; Lebanon; Mediterranean; Middle East; New Zealand; Nigeria; Okinawa; Pakistan; Peru; Poland; Rhodesia; Romania; Russia; South East Asia; South Vietnam; Soviet Union; Suez Canal; Syria; Thailand; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam; Western Hemisphere; Yugoslavia
People Brandt, Willy; Bruce, David K; Cromer, 3rd Earl of; Douglas-Home, Sir Alec; Freeman, John; Galloway, William; Johnson, Alexis; Kissinger, Henry; Kosygin, Alexey; Laird, Melvin R; Mao Zedong; Nixon, Richard M; Nol, Lon; Rogers, William P; Thant, U; Wilson, Harold
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arab; Arms; British Embassy; Census; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency); Communist; Conference on European Security (CES); Congress; Council on International Economic Policy; Defence; Department of State; Detente; Disarmament; Domino theory; Draft; Drugs; East-West relations; Economic policy; Economy; Education; Elections; Environment; European integration; European Security; Exports; foreign policy; Great Powers; Health; Inflation; International Economic Policy; Isolationism; Japanese; Kidnapping; Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV); Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions (MBFR); Mutual force reductions; Narcotics; Nixon Doctrine; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Nuclear Weapons; Oil; Paris Peace Talks; Payments; Pollution; Presidential Task Force on International Development; Protectionism; Protectionist; Race; Refugees; State Department; State of the Union Message; Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties; Strikes; Textiles; Trade; Trade Bill; Trade policy; Treasury; troops; United Nations; United Nations National Security Council; Vice President; Vietnam War; Vietnamization; Warsaw Pact; Welfare; White House; withdrawal
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