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Reference FCO 82/540
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Changes to US Administration (1975)
Description President Gerald Ford nominates Judge John Paul Stevens to replace Supreme Court Justice Douglas. William Schaufele replaces Nat Davis as Assistant Secretary for Africa. Resignation due to ill health of liberal Supreme Court Justice William O Douglas. Donald Rumsfeld nominated by Gerald Ford for Secretary of Defence. Richard Cheney will replace Rumsfeld as Assistant to the President. Secretary Henry Kissinger will relinquish his post as Assistant to the President to devote his full time to being Secretary of State. Brent Scowcroft will move up to Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. George Bush nominated by Ford to be Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Elliot Richardson nominated to become Secretary of Commerce and Trade.
Date 1975
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries United States
Places Africa; Asia; Australia; Britain; China; Europe; France; Geneva; India; Iran; Ireland; Italy; Japan; Korea; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Mexico; Middle East; Northern Ireland; Panama; Soviet Union; Thailand; United Kingdom; United States of America; Venezuela; Vietnam
People Ash, Roy; Bentsen, Lloyd D; Brennan, Peter J; Brezhnev, Leonid; Brinegar, Claude S; Bush, George H W; Casey, William J; Cheney, Richard; Colby, William; Davis, Nat; Dent, Frederick B; Haig, Alexander; Hays, Wayne; Kissinger, Henry; Laird, Melvin R; Morton, Rogers; Nixon, Richard M; Packard, David; Ramsbotham, Sir Peter; Reagan, Ronald; Richardson, Elliot; Robinson, Charles W; Rumsfeld, Donald; Sadat, Muhammad Anwar Al; Schaufele, William; Schlesinger, James; Scott, Hugh; Scowcroft, Brent; Shore, Peter; Stevens, John Paul
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Arms; Atomic Energy Commission; Bank of England; British Embassy; CIA (Central Intelligence Agency); Coal; Concorde; Congress; Congressional Relations; Council of Economic Advisers; Dairy products; Defence; Department of Commerce; Department of Defense; Department of State; Detente; Disarmament; Draft; Economic policy; Economy; Education; Elections; Energy; Exports; FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation); foreign policy; Health; International Economic Policy; Ministry of Defence; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Nuclear Weapons; Office of Management and Budget; Oil; organisation; Pentagon; Presidential Primaries; Price controls; Protectionism; Protectionist; Race; Recession; Republican Party; Special Representative of Trade Negotiations; State Department; Strikes; Supreme Court; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; Treasury; United Nations; United Nations National Security Council; United States Navy; Vice President; Watergate; Welfare; White House; withdrawal
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