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Reference FCO 7/1830
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Briefs for and record of Foreign Secretary's visit to United States of America (1970)
Description Visit of the Right Hon. Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, to New York for the Special Commemorative Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Record of conversations between the Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary and the Greek Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs in which Discussions of a move towards democracy in Greece, the continued supply of arms to Greece for NATO purposes, British bases in Cyprus and the threat of Soviet influence and expansion to place. Discussions with William P. Rogers, the United States Secretary of State regarding the Russians and Cuba, the four power talks over Berlin, SALT, the Middle East, Fiji membership of the United Nations, facilities for Russian ships at Singapore, Arms for South Africa, Indo-China and the Persian Gulf. Talks with the Prime Minister of Fiji on Internal security, the University of the South Pacific, South-East Asia, Arms for South Africa and Diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. Talks with the Spanish Foreign Minister Gibraltar. Discussions with the French Foreign Minister on East-West relations, the Middle East and Sales of Arms to Africa. Talks with the Danish Foreign Minister on the Common Market, South Africa, Berlin and the Secretary-General of NATO. Discussions with the Jamaican Minister of trade and industry. Notes from a meeting with the Irish Minister of External Affairs and the Ministerial meeting of the security council. Notes from a meeting with the Indonesian Foreign Minister on Japan, Anglo-Malaysian Defence Agreement, South-East Asia, Indian Ocean defence, European Economic Community. Records of a conversation with the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Republic on the Middle East. Talks with the Prime Minister of Singapore. Discussions with the Foreign Minister of Uganda on Arms for South Africa and Rhodesia. Talks with the Austrian Foreign Minister on the political situation in Austria, Germany, European Economic Community, European Security and the Middle East. Discussions with the Nigerian Foreign Minister on Nigeria-Internal affairs, arms sales to South Africa, Rhodesia, the Common Market and the Middle East. EEC.
Date 1970
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East
Countries United Kingdom, United States, Greece, Cyprus, Fiji, Soviet Union, Singapore, South Africa, India, China, Spain, France, Denmark, Jamaica, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Egypt, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Austria, Nigeria
Places Africa; Argentina; Asia; Australia; Barbados; Belgium; Brazil; Britain; Bulgaria; Cambodia; Canada; Caribbean; Chequers; Chile; China; Costa Rica; Cuba; Cyprus; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; Diego Garcia; Dominican Republic; Eastern Europe; Ecuador; Egypt; Europe; Falkland Islands; Fiji; France; Geneva; Germany; Gibraltar; Greece; Guatemala; Guyana; Honduras; Hungary; India; Indonesia; Iran; Iraq; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Japan; Jordan; Korea; Laos; Latin America; Lebanon; Libya; Malta; Mediterranean; Mexico; Middle East; Netherlands; New Zealand; Nicaragua; Nigeria; Northern Ireland; Norway; Pakistan; Panama; Persian Gulf; Peru; Poland; Rhodesia; Romania; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Senegal; South Africa; South East Asia; South Vietnam; Southern Africa; Soviet Union; Spain; Sudan; Suez Canal; Thailand; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; Uganda; United Kingdom; United States of America; Uruguay; Venezuela; Vietnam; Yugoslavia
People Brandt, Willy; Douglas-Home, Sir Alec; Freeman, John; Greenhill, Sir Denis; Heath, Edward; Hussein bin Talal; Khan, Yahya; Kosygin, Alexey; Malik, Adam; Phouma, Prince Souvanna; Sadat, Muhammad Anwar Al; Sisco, Joseph; Thant, U; Wiggin, Charles D; Wilson, Harold; Yost, Charles W.
Topics Agriculture; Aid; Anglo-Malaysian Defence Agreement; Arab; Arms; British Foreign Policy; Committee of Twenty; Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); Common Market; Communist; Congress; Council of Europe; Defence; Department of State; Disarmament; Draft; East-West relations; Economy; Education; Elections; Energy; Environment; European Economic Community; European Security; Exports; foreign policy; Free trade; Great Powers; Home Office; Inflation; Japanese; Labour Party; Ministry of Defence; Narcotics; North Atlantic Treaty Association (NATO); Nuclear Weapons; Oil; organisation; Ostpolitik; Pollution; Race; Refugees; Shipping; State Department; Taxes; The Nine; Trade; Trade Bill; Trade policy; Treasury; Treaty of Tlatelolco; troops; Unemployment; United Nations; United Nations Children's Fund; United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; United Nations General Assembly; Vice President; Warsaw Pact; White House; withdrawal
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