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Reference FCO 82/176
Department/Office Foreign Office
Title Annual review for United States for 1971 (1972)
Description Lieutenant-Colonel George Rowland Stanley Baring, 3rd Earl of Cromer Annual Review of the United States for 1971. President Nixon initially heavily on the defensive against the Democratic Congress. Congressional and press attacks of considerable ferocity upon executive secrecy were a particular feature. President's visits to China and the Soviet Union and the New Economic Program (NEP) gave Nixon a good chance at re-election. Slow economic recovery enabled the Administration to include wage and price controls in the NEP. Racial and student unrest less in evidence in 1971. The prospect of growing protectionism and an international trade war has receded. The reform of the international monetary system a major task. The Administration maintained its internationalist stand on defence and resisted pressures to reduce US forces in Europe. Unclear about US forces in Asia post-Vietnam. US relations with Japan suffered and relations with Europe were neglected. UK entry to the EEC and Europe's progress towards unity. Vietnamization succeeding and Vietnam largely a non-issue. US foreign policy and Dr Kissinger increased problems for foreigners dealing with the US Government. Economy and unemployment likely to be key issues in 1972 and internationally phase I of SALT agreement probable. Included in the document is a summary of events of 1971.
Date 1972
Collection The Nixon Years, 1969-1974
Region North America
Countries United States, United Kingdom, China, Soviet Union, Vietnam, Japan
Places Africa; Alaska; Asia; Britain; Cambodia; China; Europe; India; Ireland; Israel; Japan; Laos; Pakistan; Soviet Union; United Kingdom; United States of America; Vietnam
People Butz, Earl L; Connally, John B; Cromer, 3rd Earl of; Douglas-Home, Sir Alec; Kennedy, Edward Moore; Meany, George; Wilson, Harold; Zhou Enlai
Topics Agriculture; Arab; Arms; Balance of Payments; British Embassy; Burden sharing; Civil rights; Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); Congress; Defence; Demonstrations; Department of State; Draft; Drugs; Economic policy; Economy; Elections; Exports; foreign policy; Group of Ten; Health; Hippies; Inflation; Isolationism; Japanese; Lockheed; Nixon Doctrine; Nuclear Weapons; Payments; Pentagon; Pentagon Papers; Pollution; Price controls; Protectionism; Race; Segregation; Silent majority; State Department; State of the Union Message; Supreme Court; The Nine; Trade; Treasury; troops; Unemployment; United Nations; United Nations National Security Council; Vice President; Vietnam War; Welfare; White House; withdrawal
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